Some more information about our experiences

In the past we, triple-c tooling manufacturer, injection molded and design engineered tooling for diverse parts , but also fully assembled products such as kids-alarms and sporting articles. We use Solidworks or UG NX.

If your product requires electronics, we have a partner hat makes high quality pcb's, one example of a product with electronics is a kids alarm.

Our special sourcing team is ready to search and to find the most hard to find components and parts, and if we can't find it in china we always are able to the import it. Our factory as considerable experience in the industries of:

By circle
Computer appliances and accessories, also plugs

molded plastics toys
Domestic appliances

We engineered:

  • electrical shavers
  • alarms and clocks
  • furniture
  • displays and stands
  • electronics ( USB, mp3 players)
  • cups and sport goods, several domestic appliances like vacuum cleaners.