We like to listen to you

Not a page about us, who we are  or what we have achieved; No it is primarily  about You, you are important!
If you are you a product designer, engineer, a serious purchaser or an engineer with cost reductions as a goal? But you would prefer the same quality as you have seen before? We 'd love to listen to your tooling an injection molded parts requirements and we speak  your "language" and answer all your questions about our process, moulds design and materials.
Do you have problems during manufacturing of your current product range? Let us solve it, We can change, refurbish moulds and use them in our injection facility.
If you wish a planning? We will provide one.
Do you need mould pictures of the progress? We will provide them.
If you have a 3d cad ( Iges/igs preferred) file or a 2d sketch for quotation, please send to our email info@injectionmoldinchina.com.  We will review these files and give you advise on pricing of the manufacturing of the moulds and injection molding these plastic parts.






You are always welcome to visit us in Shanghai or Yuyao mould city