Some more information about our experiences

Previously, Injection Molded Plastic Parts tooling maker, injection molded and layout engineered tooling for varied components , but also completely assembled items like kids-alarms and sporting posts. We utilize UG NX or even Solidworks.

If your product needs electronic equipment, we've got a spouse hat makes top excellent pcb's, 1 instance of an item with electronic equipment is a children alert.

Our unique sourcing group is about to hunt and to locate the most difficult to locate parts and components, and when we can not locate it in china we're in a position to this import it. Our factory outlets as experience of:

  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Furniture
  • Computer accessories and appliances plugs
  • Lighting

  • We engineered:

    • electrical shavers
    • alarms and clocks
    • furniture
    • displays and stands
    • electronics ( USB, mp3 players)
    • cups and sport goods, several domestic appliances like vacuum cleaners.