We are an innovative maker of quality molds and injected moulded parts in China.

Triple-c Limited is a mold maker. What does a mold maker do? As a mold maker, you work often and mostly in specific departments such as at tool shops, work with cnc machines and edm industries; You make parts, such as core, ejector pins, clamps, of dies or molds and builds the parts into a mold together. A mold or mold core is a concave shape. The cavity is in the form of the product that has to be made minus the thickness of thst part. In the cavity, liquid material such as metal, plastics, glass and ceramics will be cast or injected. When the mold is opened removed holds one over the product or object. Our molds are made by means of metal cutting machines, such as cnc machines.

Before we make the mold ready for manufacturing we consult you in each phase of the product: Critical area of the part and we show you where we wish to design the ejector pins, where the splt lines are and sprue point. This t avoid disappointed. (as these will be seen in the final product.

. Our part design and mold design teams are small, teams consisting of maximum 3 people that work on your project, dedicated and with a personal service, with effective and transparent communication in fluent English. .

We know how and when to build family ,single or multi cavity tools with the exact moldsteel for your batch sizes and yearly quantities . We are your china mold maker it a specialist and presicion service.


 injection mould machine

Our tooling making accepted our offer our asian design team