We are a high quality manufacturer injection molded plastic parts in China.

Triple-c Limited designs, engineers and injects custom made plastic parts and products. It doesn't matter if you need only 1, 20,100 or 1 million pieces:

We will consult you in each phase of the product engineering process, the tooling and molding process and the injection process as well to achieve QUALITY and a low(er) cost manufacturing.

In the factory located in Shanghai we have 4 injection machines and our own toolshop. Small but effective we still can make millions of parts per year.

We are familiar with designing and moulding products made from common plastic materials such as ABS, HIPS, PE,PP, glasfilled materials, POM, PA and transparent materials such as PMMA and PC. However less common material can be purchased and injected as well, or brand plastics from Ge, Sabic or DSM.


 injection mould machine

Our tooling or injection moulding process:

First you will send us your CAD files, (We accept IGES/STEP/Parasolid/.Prt files ) , together with your batch size per order and total mould life time, material and texture, finishing ( printing, packaging) specifications we will make a quotation within a few days. we will determine the right tool steel and cavities for you. And of course we will give you a fair tool price and part price.

Secondly, once you have accepted our offer our asian design team (IDA- industrial design company thailand)  will analyze thoroughly the soon to be injected parts  and where necessary change these for an optimal injection production. Within 3-5 days we will present you a Mould drawing. On the mould drawing you will find several views of the mould drawing. Important standard tool parts such as the ejector pins, cooling canals and sprue gate will be discussed.

Once the 2d mould design drawings are accepted, we will buy high quality tool steel and standard tool parts.  Short after that the tooling process starts :cnc machining or milling ( for non cosmetic surfaces or where a and EDM of the  mould:  In a Normal case, when  the mold isn't to complicated  a lead time of 5-7 weeks is normal.

If the  mould manufacturing has been finished our plastic injection department will conduct a test run, after successful test we will send  you the first out of tool (T1) to your address!

injection molded plastic part

Don't expect a "Chinese factory" attitude we would like to co-operate on the long term with our customers, and our communication will be in fluent English or Dutch in a transparent way. So for injection mold china, plastic injection mould maker our company is your right partner..

Additionally Triple-c can offer you secondary process like painting, pad or silkscreen printing, assembly and blistering or packaging ( with full color's print).

 In the past we have delivered fully assembled and blistered plastic products with steel parts, metal inserts and springs, o-rings or even PCB and battery's, such as the children's alarm shown here above.

If you have more question about our way of working don not hesitate to skype or email us: